The Process

Here we provide information on the straightforward process involved in quoting for and applying Magma Firestop® Fire retardant spray.  Magma Firestop® is not only used for domestic properties eg cottages and houses but also public buildings, living museums and recreational facilities eg zoos, amusements parks or even temporary structures eg for films sets, bars, gazebos.

To provide a quotation for Magma Firestop®

In order to provide a quotation for spraying Magma Firestop® we require:

  • Your location; address and postcode
  • The thatched roof area; either in m2, Thatchers square. If this is not known, we will estimate based on pictures of all your roof elevations

Send us this information via our contact page or email.

Magma Firestop Process 1

You can make contact with us directly, or with one of our Approved Sprayers who will be happy to provide a no obligation quotation by email, which if confirmed in writing as acceptable, will allow us to book you into our spraying schedule.  A deposit may be required.

Quotations for Magma Firestop® Fire Retardant spray application are often specified by architects or requested by building control or insurers.  Many homeowners request a quotation to understand the costs for their own peace of mind to reducing the risks of a thatch fire

The process of applying Magma Firestop®

It is applied to a roof in good conditioned for best results.  We recommend that any remedial thatching work is carried out, e.g. a new ridge, before Magma Firestop®  is sprayed.  Magma Firestop® then fits in well with a normal thatched roof maintenance programme in that it is generally reapplied after 5 years (in some higher risk areas can be 3 yearly).  Magma Firestop® can be sprayed onto an older roof and can be sprayed over wire netting and some moss and lichen.

Magma Firestop Process 3

Magma Firestop® (external) needs to be sprayed onto a dry roof on a dry warm day.

Access all around the property is required and we need to know of any potentially awkward areas eg conservatories or very close boundaries to neighbours.

Access to water and electricity is helpful but not essential.

Areas such as windows and plants are prepared prior to spraying and it is recommended that vehicles etc are removed from the immediate vicinity of the property or covered.

Magma Firestop Process 9

Magma Firestop Process 5

Magma Firestop Process 2

  • Approved Magma Firestop® Sprayers use the appropriate pressure pump, extending lance and nozzles to spray the roof at the relevant application rate.


  • Most Magma Firestop® application is done from the ground or from a ladder eg for the eaves.  This covers most domestic properties and public houses etc and scaffolding or a cherry picker is only rarely required for very high buildings.


  • Re-application of the product is recommended after a period of approximately 5 years. This is due to the natural degradation of the thatch externally.  Internal spray does not need reapplication.


  • Magma Firestop® is safe to use and is environmentally friendly and a non-borate based product.


  • The average roof takes around a half to one day to spray, including preparation and clearing of the site.


  • Magma Firestop® for thatch is a watery milky colour which dries clear within a few hours depending on the weather conditions. It does not change the appearance of the thatch.

There are also Data Sheets and a Magma Firestop® leaflet to download.

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