Magma Firestop® – Proven Fire Protection For Thatch

What is Magma Firestop®?

Magma Firestop® a proven and effective flame retardant for thatch and wood.

Magma Firestop® is a brand name of AD Magma Industries who provide an extensive range of superior quality fire retardants intended for treatment of organic materials.  The products are proven and tested internationally. The excellence and care in the development and manufacturing process guarantees efficient and reliable formulations.

Magma Firestop® for thatched roofs is a well-established product, trusted in the fight against thatch fires.  It is a spray which gives protection from fire risks in the form of sparks, flying embers, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, bonfires, and barbeques etc.

Why use a Fire Retardant Spray for Thatch?

The Burgoynes Report (Forensic Investigation into the cause of thatch fires in England) shows that the leading cause of thatch fires is ejected embers and chimney fires.  The Fire Protection Association were commissioned by Historic England and NFU Mutual to research thatch woodburners and chimneys. Their report concurred with Burgoynes investigation.  It also confirmed that the previous Heat Transfer theory is “unrepresentative of reality”.

Peace of mind that you are reducing the risk of ejected embers and sparks causing a thatch fire.  A fire retardant spray is often requested by insurers who may also offer reduced premiums.

Why Use Magma Firestop®?

  • Gives an ‘A’ rating (the best) for spread of flame under BS476 part 3
  • Preferred supplier to insurers
  • Tested by many leading international institutes
  • Treated materials conform to many international standards
  • Easily applied & fast drying
  • Reducing thatch fire risk since the 1990s
  • Environmentally safe – pH neutral and non-toxic to flora & fauna

Look at Magma Firestop® in action compared with untreated thatch on Grand Designs Live.

N.B. Carpet glue and gas feed were used for dramatic effect on screen!

We are happy to talk to you regarding your property or project and how Magma Firestop® can help reduce your fire risk and increase your peace of mind.

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Magma Firestop® must not to be confused with FRT80 or other older fire retardant products which in the past required the bundles of thatching reed/straw to be immersed in product and when applied wet to the roof, accelerated the degradation process.