About Magma Firestop®

About Magma Firestop® and the UK

Magma Firestop® continues to see a global increase in production; 20% during the first five months of 2019 compared with 2018. This is in response to increased demand for its excellent proven and tested products.

This is continuing the trend last reported on this site in 2014  “Magma Firestop® has seen a 500% global increase in production.”

Magma Firestop® is exclusively distributed in the UK by SMF Crouch and Co Ltd.  They work with specially approved sprayers to apply the products, to ensure the quality of the application.  SMF Crouch and Co Ltd via AD Magma Industries supply Treatment Certificates to customers as proof of spraying to standard.  The AD Magma Industries NEN-EN-ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assurance handbook includes this procedure of the treatment of thatched roofs.

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Magma Firestop® products (unlike older fire retardants) do not contain any toxic elements (like borates) and are safe to handle.

All products have been tested to ensure they will not react adversely with different kinds of thatch.

The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2000 certified and complies with OECD guidelines during manufacturing and application processes.

Magma Firestop® fire retardants, used in the construction industry, have the benefit of increasing fire protection, especially on buildings near boundaries or internal structures where there are fire hazards.

Standards Met

  • GB: BS 476/3-/7
  • GER: DIN 4102/1-B2
  • NL: NEN 6063
  • FR: M1
  • DEN: DS 1063.1
  • EST: EVS620-10:1996
  • KEN: EVS620-10:1996
  • AUS: AS/NZS 1530.3
  • NZ: AS/NZS 1530.3
  • RUS: GOST 30247.3

About Magma Firestop®  – Testing

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SMF Crouch and Co About Magma Firestop

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About Magma Firestop® Products

The three main Magma Firestop® products used by SMF Crouch and Co Ltd in the UK are:-

  • External Spray Thatch Protector (previously SG-2H)
  • Internal Spray IMW435
  • Timber Spray TG3

See more detailed information on these different products below

About Magma Firestop application to a thatched cottage

Magma Firestop® Thatch Protector (previously SG-2H)

This product is produced for external application on a thatched roof and is tested and used worldwide.

In the UK, Magma Firestop® has been tested to BS476 Part 3 and achieved a BA designation.  The ‘B’ is for fire penetration into the material and the ‘A’ rating is for spread of flame.  This gives peace of mind to homeowners and many insurers offer reduced premiums for treated roofs.  Some insurers insist on Magma Firestop® treatment the property has a woodburner or open fire.

Magma Industries guarantee a correct application for 3 years, though the product generally requires reapplication every 5 years.  Most insurers recommend 5 yearly.  Thatch roofs require external Magma Firestop® reapplication due to the wearing of the thatch material.

The best time to apply Magma Firestop® Thatch Protector is after a total rethatch of the roof or any good maintenance work e.g. a new ridge and coatwork brush-down/dress up.  Reapplication to such roofs after 5 years and 10 years is not unusual.

Magma Firestop® Thatch Protector has a weather-proofing element in its formulation, which is what makes it suitable for the external use.

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About Magma Firestop Application 2

Magma Firestop® IMW-435

This product has been produced for internal application to thatch and wood as above.

As it is not subject to the weather reapplication is not usually required.

Magma Firestop internal application

Magma Firestop® TG3

This product has been produced for wood and is very similar to Thatch Protector

Further information about Magma Firestop®

If you have any queries on any of the Magma Firestop® products, external or internal fire sprays for thatch or wood sprays, please do not hesitate to contact us.