Magma Firestop® FAQs

We want you to understand the benefits of using Magma Firestop® fire retardant spray so it is important to answer your frequently asked questions (FAQs). Here are some of the most common but feel free to get in touch if you have any specifics or special projects.

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Does Magma Firestop® change the look of the thatch?

No. Magma Firestop® is clear after drying and will not affect the look of your thatch.

Does Magma Firestop® affect the lifespan fo the thatch?

No, Magma Firestop® does not affect the biodegradability of the thatching material.

Does Magma Firestop® influence the drying process of the thatched roof?

No, Magma Firestop® does not influence drying of the roof, this has been extensively tested and confirmed by the Dutch Wood Research Institute SHR.

Is Magma Firestop® safe to transport? Use? Store?

Yes, Magma Firestop® is completely safe to transport, store and apply. It is non-toxic, does not contain borates and is environmentally friendly.

How long does Magma Firestop® take to dry on my thatch?

On a dry thatch Magma Firestop® will dry within 3 hours.

What testing has Magma Firestop® undertaken?

In the United Kindom Magma Firestop® has undertaken and passed the BS476 Part 3 testing and has passed with and ‘A’ rating for the spread of flame and a ‘B’ rating for penetration. Further more the product has been tested in many other countries and recently has been tested according European Building legislation.

How long does Magma Firestop® Last?

Different climates, environments and countries will vary but, on average in Europe, you can expect Magma Firestop® to last from 5 to 7 years.

Can anyone apply Magma Firestop® to their thatch?

No, only trained personnel can apply Magma Firestop. This ensures the safety of your thatched roof and maintains the quality of application. Once applied,you will receive a Treatment Certificate.

Are there any other benefits to using Magma Firestop?

Yes, in addition to helping protect your thatch from fire, Magma Firestop® also offers:

  • A reduction on your insurance premium
  • to improves saleability of your property
  • to keep the colour of your new thatch longer
  • Help in reducing moss and lichen growth

What kind of properties can Magma Firestop® be used on?

Magma Firestop® has be used on many thatched buildings including:

  • Public Houses
  • Listed Buildings
  • Public Buildings
  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Gazebos
  • Display thatch

Does using Magma Firestop® help with planning approval?

Yes, Depending on your aspect/neighbours etc,Magma Firestop® has helped many of our clients to achieve planning approval, especially on boundaries.

How is Magma Firestop® produced?

Magma Firestop® is produced in the Netherlands and is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards.

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