Useful links relating to Magma Firestop® fire retardant and Fire Safety

A useful links page, to help you with additional information regarding Magma Firestop® and associated Thatch Fire Safety advice. Click through for more information or let us know if you would like to be listed.


A great video showing Magma Firestop® external fire retardant spray in action on Grand Designs live.
Their their comments were ‘Brilliant’ ‘Safe Thatch’ .

Thatch Advice Centre Fire Safety Leaflet

Up to date document including all relevant advice on thatch and fire safety, covering recent investigations and research along with general fire safety advice, electrical, external considerations etc.

A survey of 148 Thatch Fires

Burgoynes Forensic Investigators factual report into the causes of 148 thatch fires, between December 2008 and May 2016. Conclusion of main cause being ejected embers from chimneys and chimney fires.

Fire Protection Association (FPA) Report

Report into the FPA research (Funded by Historic England and NFU Mutual) into thatch, woodburners and chimneys. Very interesting work furthering the Burgoynes investigations and understanding of proven causes of thatch fires.

FPA Guidance

Guidance document for thatched property owners with woodburning stoves.

SMF Crouch and Co.

UK Distributor of Magma Firestop® fire retardant spray for thatch.

AD Magma Industries BV

Magma Headquarters in the Netherlands


Fire Resisting Barrier specifically designed to meet B4 Building Regulation (same as the Dorset model does) for barrier under thatch. Unique in that its design was to allow ventilation and reduce any potential condensation problems. It achieved LABC system approval in 2008. Used in conjunction with Magma Firestop® gives THATCH-SAFE Model Plus.